Back in business

So. It has been more than a couple months since I began this blog, and since I last posted anything. Honestly I’ve been scared and feeling like I’ve got nothing to write about. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that I’m just depriving myself of doing something that I hope will be helpful to me and hopefully someone else. Anyway, it’s not like anyone reads this blog anyway!!! Haha!

So, in the months that I didn’t post anything, I was finishing my last quarter of my first year of community college. That ended in June. I wasn’t planning on taking summer classes, because I wanted to take advantage of the fact that I don’t have  to take them. But, I enrolled for Fall quarter too late, and I wasn’t able to get into an Anatomy and Physiology class that I NEED to take before the winter. So, I’m taking that right now, in the summer quarter. Along with a Spanish class. So, no summer break for me!! It’s nice to just be taking two classes. But it’s still a lot of work, because this quarter is only 8 weeks. So, the classes are pretty intense. A lot of cramming and memorization going on over here.

I want to become a midwife. And I, somewhat, have a plan for how I’m going to get to that point. But, I still need some kind of guidance. Being a Christian I know that it’s not going to be easy for me to find a program here in the PNW that will hold at least some of my values and beliefs! And it has been my goal to contact as many midwives as I can, so I can get their input and guidance. I have started so many emails, texts, and messages to midwives in my area that I can go visit, and yet I haven’t sent not one. Sometimes when I get scared or nervous, or fear that what I want to say will come across the wrong way, I just set it on a shelf and choose not to deal with it. Which is bad. VERY bad. But, I came home from school today (with my nose dripping because of stupid allergies), and decided that I needed some inspiration. So, searched the web for some midwifery blogs. And I came across this one blog post about what it’s like to become a midwife. I found it to be so inspiring despite the fact that the process sounds so terrifying and impossible. It was so humbling to read what she has gone through, and I can’t wait until I’m halfway down the road to becoming a midwife. Her post motivated me to finally press “send” on that email, and to write out this blog post. Here is a link to it: So You Want to be a Midwife? — Midwife in Progress.

So, now I can go study my Anatomy homework, and get ready for the test tomorrow, and I’ll know why I’m going to try my best. First, because I will do it unto the Lord, and second, because midwifery is hard work!!!


One thought on “Back in business

  1. Hello! I’m thankful my post encouraged you to move forward with your dream!!! While sometimes I feel like my posts are not doing anything for anyone (other than me), YOU have been an encouragement to me to continue writing! Many blessings on your journey!

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